Release "End of March '19"

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  • Spring isn't only a time of natural renewal. Our programmers don't sleep as well. They've released cool update that won't leave anyone indifferent. But if you manage to remain indifferent, then at the end of the article a spoiler will be waiting for you.

    Project "Blossom". Is it possible to make spring update without adding some flowers there? "No way!" - our team said and we recorded some videos. They hide inside the "flower" in the right bottom corner. We've heard that it's not quite clear where to start work with our service. The problem is solved: let's watch videos about key features of the service instead of looking at the blank page. It's easier to figure out where to start now.

    Public spaces. Another global change in our service. All spaces created in ntile earlier were private and you needed an invitation to join one of it. Now we're announcing a new type: public. Everyone on the Internet can view these spaces without registration. Thanks to this function, new horizons in the use of ntile are opening up : the creation of public knowledge bases, blogging and many more spheres. To know more about using public spaces you can experiment with them yourself or follow our blog updates.

    Support test. Live-chat was added to service several updates ago. But we've figured out that you write us rarely. So we've decided not to let our team get bored at all. Our programmers have created several errors in the service code, which lead to the complication of people's lives. Everyone wants to chat with our team now and we're helping to solve problems.
    If all jokes aside, we've noticed some minor, but nasty problems in service work. We're working hard to make sure it won't happen again. So we're sorry and thank you for being with us. We hope that working in ntile helps you to achieve your goals. Therefore, feel free to contact us with any questions in the live-chat. Even if you have an Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything like that, we know the answer 🙂

    Gallery view in a table. Now it's much nicer to view data in tables: you can change a usual line-by-line view of a table into a gallery. Just select the corresponding option in the Table setting menu. Apart from images, you can also choose the fields which will be displayed under them. It will greatly improve the perception of elements, where graphic is essential. For instance, these can be some public spaces of stores with catalogs, your football team list with photos of all memebers, and many other useful and exciting ways to use the gallery.

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